Events in Review: The Washington Auto Show


Our longest running show, the Washington Auto Show, was founded in 1921 when the car industry was in its fancy.  As cars grew in popularity, so too did the size and scope of the Auto Show.  In its first year, 20 Washington, DC area dealers and distributors came together to promote the benefits of the horseless carriage.  Nine decades later, the show displays 700 makes and models from 42 manufacturers and continues to draw huge crowds each year.

Today, the annual auto show has grown to require every available foot of display space, covering nearly eight acres.  The show is the largest consumer show held in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, as well as Washington, DC. It attracts more attendees, occupying all five exhibit halls and producing more revenue than all other consumer shows. It has evolved into the auto industry’s national and policy show and now highlights safety, technological breakthroughs, and green solutions. Our customer, the Washington Area New Auto Dealers Association, produces the five-day show, which regularly draws approximately 250,000 attendees annually, including consumers, members of Congress, government policy makers, automotive innovators and industry leaders.