Sunday Dinner with "The Kitchenista"

Gateway DC


Angela Davis, A.K.A. “The Kitchenista” is a self-taught celebrity chef, food blogger, recipe developer and author with over 100,000 friends, fans and followers. Angela creates original recipes and food photography for her award-winning food blog, “The Kitchenista Diaries”. She is also the culinary entrepreneur behind the “Bring Back Sunday Dinner” campaign. On October 15th, in conjunction with Diplomatic Enterprises, she’ll be hosting the first “Sunday Dinner with The Kitchenista” in The District at Gateway DC Pavilion! It will be a Sunday Supper series where 50-75 ticketed guests and VIPs will have the opportunity to dine with music, fellowship and The Kitchenista’s delicious food. Tickets will go fast so reserve your seat at the table TODAY!

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